Prince Steven Annor – Inspiring Story

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Prince Steven Annor – Inspiring Story

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“Teaching Africans How To Code With Smartphones, Not Computers

Prince Steven Annor
Engineering Instructor / Tech ResearcheratNew York University Abu Dhabi
Profile: Professional
Study:University / Self-taught

Prince Steven Annor is a Engineering Instructor and Tech Researcher at New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus. He teaches engineering lab courses in programming, robotics, AI and machine learning.

He’s passionate about developing new ways of teaching young people in Africa and the Middle East how to acquire tech skills. When his laptop died just before he was supposed to teach a coding bootcamp, it took him one day to shift from a computer-oriented curriculum to one focused on smartphones which are more commonly-available in Africa. He developed a prototype which became SuaCode, “a smartphone-based online coding course that aims to teach millions across the African continent how to code”.

“I want to be who I wish I had when I was young. You define it. Of course, it’s a huge responsibility but I still think it’s very quintessential that a Black person would see every act he or she is doing as defining the history they want themselves to have seen when they were younger.””

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