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Web Design No No’s

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Web Design No No’s – Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Lags and slow load times
Speed is one of the most important aspects of your website. Remember—you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors and create a positive lasting impression. If your website is laggy and they are having a hard time seeing the content they want to access, your visitors will leave, never to return. Start off on the right foot by ensuring your site loads within three seconds.

Lack of security
In the online world, web users are prone to becoming targets of cyber attacks, identity theft, and other criminal offences done over the internet. Give your visitors peace of mind every time they visit your website by protecting their personal details, including their name, address, contact information, and credit card number. Partner with a trusted website designer and developer to ensure that your website has an SSL certificate and is set up for HTTPS.

Poor mobile experience
Many people use their phones and other mobile devices to access information and look for products or services they need over the internet. To provide your visitors with exceptional user experience, make sure that your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. Users who have a poor mobile experience on your site are more likely to look for information on sites other than yours.

Low-quality images and videos
Your visitors are visual creatures. To have a good web design and grab the attention of your visitors right away, add high-quality images and videos to your website. Consider partnering with professional photographers and videographers to avoid having fuzzy, grainy, and low-quality photos and clips.

Annoying pop-ups
Another big no-no in web design that you must avoid at all times is having pop-ups. Interstitial pop-ups cover your content and fail in providing your visitors with a good user experience, which is why it is best to eliminate pop-ups completely. Opt for subtle CTAs and effective reminders instead.

Full Text Justification
A website is not a newspaper. Even websites owned by newspapers don’t justify their text. Print layout is very different to web layout, and besides the accessibility issues, it just looks messy. When you justify text on a website, you can end up with large gaps inbetween text, called “rivers”. People use different browsers, different screen sizes, and can change the font size for accessibility – so fixing a gap for one machine might mean that it looks terrible on another screen. Don’t justify text on the internet.

Splash/Intro Pages
Websites don’t need waiting lobbies! I’m busy, you’re busy – we don’t have time to mess around when it comes to accessing the content you’re after. So why would we want to add an extra hurdle for the visitors of your website to jump over before they can get to the goods?

Scrolling Marquees
Oh snap, is it 1999? I’d better start making plans for New Years, I hear the new millennium is going to be off the hook! Wait – It’s just that your website LOOKS like it hasn’t been updated since 1999 because you’ve got a bar of text flying across the screen. I shouldn’t need to explain why this is bad for accessibility, but it’s like clay pigeon shooting with your eyes. Text marquees are the cheekiest text of all – always trying to get away while you’re trying to read it.

“Helpful” Video Assistants
They are rarely helpful, and always annoying. Especially as the vast majority start speaking immediately and usually it’s salesy gibberish with no real value.”

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