Planning for 2021

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Planning for 2021

After 2020 is there anyway to prepare for 2021!  Who knows what the future holds?  And while we can’t plan for everything, there are certain things we can do.  Taking some useful information from Probella, we have compiled this article to help you take some positive steps towards planning for the new year.

Planning for 2021

What can your business do to prepare for 2021?

Most businesses were affected by the outbreak of Covid 19.  The economy is in the worst state it’s every been in due to the restrictions that came with lockdown and social distancing.  Although things are likely to go back to normal in the new year, businesses are still going to be presented with many challenges.  Here are a few ways that you can prepare your business for 2021.


Find out the facts – avoid tabloid gossip stories!
Fake news is rampant and this makes it really hard to find out the true state of affairs when it comes to Covid 19 and how the outbreak will continue to affect things.  “Wild speculation and phrases such as “the new normal” are commonplace on social media but in many cases, the assertions being put forward are not entirely true.” The best thing to do is to consult your country’s official government website for information on the regulations and how these are expected to change in the future.  “As the economy needs to be restarted as soon as possible, there are carefully considered guidelines being drawn up to allow businesses of all sizes to gradually open again.”

Are you able to operate at reduced capacity?
The end of the virus may take some time so it is likely that businesses are going to have to run at a reduced capacity for quite a while.  “Social distancing is likely to be enforced in many countries and though the entertainment and hospitality industries are already starting to reopen in some countries and states across America, things will not be back to normality for a while.”

It is important to take practical steps and investigate how you can safely operate while still making a profit. “This could involve quite radical measures such as limiting customer’s time in any premises in which you do business, inviting clients to pre-register or book in before they come to visit and employing security or monitoring staff to make sure social distancing regulations are adhered to carefully.”

Look at other businesses
“Every sector has been affected slightly differently when it comes to the Covid crisis, but some trends are already emerging in terms of how people are coping with the situation.” Look at other businesses and how they have remained functional during the lockdown period.

“You can also take some inspiration from online businesses as many digital companies have actually enjoyed an increase in sales since the outbreak of the virus.” Possibly your business could provide more online services as a replacement to physical interaction.

Extended opening hours 
“It may be a case of working longer hours and opening businesses for longer during the later summer months in order to bring in as much income as possible. If a second lockdown does happen, it may be even more financially devastating than the first, so it makes sense to prepare for this by working longer days when you are able to.”

Prepare for the unexpected 
Adaptability and resilience are key in coping with Covid from a business perspective.  “Put aside emergency funding if you can and take advantage of any low interest or government backed loans that are available to you when you can. Ensure that your staff are covered when it comes to wages and advise them on how to apply for unemployment support if you feel as if you may seriously risk going out of business altogether.”


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