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Tech Burnout

Tech burnout

There’s more to working in tech than just the cool offices, cool co-workers and good pay – there’s burnout.

That dread of Monday morning – the lethargy and cynicism. Sixty percent of workers in the tech industry reported feeling burnt out with women being more likely to feel it.

Everyone feels the pressure to perform in any industry but tech is different because it is so fast moving and the expectations are high. Deadlines are impossibly tight and the work is often critical.

Burnout can cause insomnia, depression and anxiety.  It can have serious physical effects too – prolonged fatigue, heart disease and diabetes.

How can burnout be beaten?  There sadly is no easy fix but there are some things you can do to prevent burnout before it happens.

Make sure that you are given time off.

Speak openly to you manager if you find you are working outside you standard working hours.

Make sure you take the minimum required rest periods during the day.

Employers need to encourage people to go home once the working day is done.

Employers need to trust colleagues to be able to cope with the backlog when people take time off.  The workload needs to be shared out equally with others or more people need to be hired.

Make sure you are on top of workplace mental health – this can reduce burnout and it’s effects.

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Anneka Burrett, head of digital marketing at Bright HR, discusses how employers and employees can avoid falling victim to burnout.)


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