Technology Trends

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Technology Trends


The coming decade is set to bring us many exciting advancements in technology.  Here are just a few technology trends………………


1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

This is a driving force behind other advances in this list.  Machines are able to act more intelligently and are increasingly able to learn.

2. The Internet of Things (IoT).

This is referring  to the increasing number of “smart” devices and objects connected to the internet. These devices are constantly gathering and transmitting data.

3. Wearables and augmented humans.

Fitness trackers were the start of this.  It has now exploded into a whole industry of wearable technology assisting human performance and helping us live healthier, safer and efficient lives. We may even see humans merge with technology to create “augmented humans” or “transhumans.”

4. Big Data and augmented analytics.

Big Data refers to the exponential growth in the amount of data being created in the world. Thanks to augmented analytics, we can now make sense of this data and work with complex and varied data streams.

5. Intelligent spaces and smart places.

Homes, offices, and even cities are becoming increasingly connected and “smart”.

6. Blockchains and distributed ledgers.

This is a  very secure method of storing, authenticating, and protecting data that could revolutionize many aspects of business – especially things like facilitating trusted transactions.

7. Cloud and edge computing.

Cloud computing has helped to open up data and analytics to the a vast amount of people. Edge computing – where data is processed on smart devices (like phones) – will take this to the next level.

8. Digitally extended realities.

There is a growing trend of creating more immersive digital experiences – this encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

9. Digital twins.

This is a digital copy of an actual physical object or process that allows us to try out alterations or adjustments that would be too risky or expensive to try out on the real physical object.

10. Natural language processing.

This technology, allowing machines to understand human language, has greatly changed how humans interact with machines, giving rise to…

11. Voice interfaces and chatbots.

Alexa, Siri, chatbots – most of us are now used to communicating with machines by speaking or typing our request. In the future, more businesses will choose to interact with their customers via voice interfaces and chatbots.

12. Computer vision and facial recognition.

Machines can talk and soon they will be able to see.  This will include things like facial recognition.

13. Robots and cobots.

Today’s robots are more intelligent than ever. They can learn to respond to their environment and perform tasks without human intervention. In the future certain industries will likely have work that involves humans working seamlessly with robot colleagues – hence the term “cobot.”

14. Autonomous vehicles.

This is the decade that will see autonomous vehicles – cars, taxis, trucks, ships – become truly autonomous and commercially viable.

15. 5G.

The fifth generation of cellular network technology will give us faster, smarter, more stable wireless networking.


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