Google Algorithm Update

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Google Algorithm Update

Yes, Google has launched another algorithm – that seems to have been the theme for the last few years! Although the Google algorithm updates move a step forward each time in making the search experience easy and more relevant, they can cause fluctuations in rankings. Each update causes uncertainty.

“Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update – 23-06-2020
It looks like Google has rolled back a few signals of May Core Update on the 23rd June as we have seen websites hit by the last Broad Core Update getting ranking improvements.

Google Starts Rolling Out May 2020 Core Update – 04-05-2020
After two months of recess, the SEO community has to brace for yet another Google Broad Core Algorithm Update.
Unlike the daily updates that Google launches, the broad core algorithm update has vast implications as it is notorious for shuffling the organic results, causing fluctuations in the organic rankings of websites.

However, there is no quick fix if a broad core algorithm update hits you, says Google. The reason for the decline in the organic ranking is not because your website has serious SEO issues, but it is the result of Google finding better results for the search query.

Unusual SERP Changes During Unusual Times (March – April)
The weeks following the spread of COVID-19 have been quite tumultuous with almost all Google Algorithm Update checkers displaying spike in algorithm activity. We are not sure whether this is due to the change in global trends after the global pandemic or because of some incremental updates that Google has rolled out.

With many local businesses now temporarily closed, the local search results are witnessing many changes. The Google Map Pack is currently subjected to high-volatility due to the COVID-19 circumstances.

However, we believe that this is a passing phase, and things will normalize once the threat of COVID-19 is over. We are all looking up to that day and hope you and your family are safe during these difficult times.”

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